How does it work?

The Flyboard is attached to a 60 ft hose using patented Quick Connect technology. The hose leads to a U-pipe which is connected to the pump of the Personal Water Craft (PWC). The PWC throttle controls all the power that goes through hose. The PWC sucks up water, pushes it through the U-Pipe to the hose and then out of the nozzles of the flyboard, lifting the flyer out of the water.

Is it safe?

Instructors Dane and Beau are both trained and Zapata certified to operate flyboard equipment. As instructors they will have complete control of the power that goes to the flyboard. There will be a 10 minute pre-flight instruction to prepare each flyer. The helmet, life vest, and flyboard all float.

Is flyboarding hard?

It might look very challenging, but most flyers are up and flying within minutes. If you have experience with a sport that requires a good balance you will be in the air in no time!

Is there an age and weight limit?

Ages 13 and over. Kids under 18 will be required to have a parental consent form signed before their flight. The weight limit for the flyboard is 300lbs. 

Meet your Instructors

Dane & Beau

Born and raised on Long Island's East end, the Riva Brothers have grown to revere the thrill and power of the ocean. Being avid surfers for more than a decade has taught them to harness and create an experience unlike any they had encountered before. As veteran life-guards and surf instructors, both brothers have spent most their lives in and around the water. Over the years their desire to push the limits of their connection with the ocean has grown bigger and bigger. 
     On a trip to Florida they finally found a way to do so - Flyboarding! Upon their first glimpse of this very new and captivating extreme sport a spark ignited, a burning dream to bring flyboarding back home to the Hamptons. After receiving the proper training and certifications, this dream has now become a reality. The Riva Brothers are proud to be the owner/operators of Hampton Flyboard, the East End's premier flyboarding outfit. Now it's time to let these experienced and enthusiastic flyboard instructors teach you how to SURF THE SKY!